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Bio: Regina has lived with T1D for over 24 years. She has always participated in various JDRF events and has recently been added to their National Speaker’s Bureau. She also serves on the Outreach Committee of the Baystate Chapter. Regina also contributed to such important educational content as the JDRF Pregnancy Toolkit and the Diabetes Education and Camping Association’s nutrition guidelines. She guest lecturers annually on the topic of ‘Diabetes, Technology and Nutrition’ at Framingham State College. She is a guest blogger for, Medtronic's 'The Loop', Diabetes Sisters, and the Joslin Diabetes Center. She has been a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years working in the diabetes pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Regina also frequently writes nutrition articles for the Massachusetts Dietetic Association and is a member of the Nutrition Blog Network. She has also participated in forums for the T1D Exchange. She has a featured excerpt on ‘Diabetes and Family Dynamics’ in Moira McCarthy’s recent successful book release ‘Raising Teens with Diabetes’. The purpose of this blog is to help and educate anyone wanting to learn about or relate to living with Type 1 Diabetes or really any type of diabetes, as all types require hard work and commitment. You will find facts about the day to day challenges, laugh about the misconceptions and read intimate stories about living with T1D as it relates to health and nutrition, work, marriage, life and most importantly being a mom with diabetes. Please go to the categories section to see what information best meets your interests!

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